Your Voice Matters

Something big is happening in Delhi.

As the city grapples with unprecedented smog, the people of Delhi are getting themselves heard and holding the Government accountable.

The morning after Diwali, Delhiites were choking with every breath they took. In less than 2 days, over 600 petitions were started on demanding solutions for this pollution crisis which many deemed a ‘public health emergency’.

The message was loud and clear – the people of Delhi want solutions and were willing to work with the Government to curb pollution levels in the city.

Kapil Mishra, a Cabinet Minister in the Delhi Government took notice of what was happening on Seeing the number of petitions started and the support they were getting, he reached out to the people of Delhi asking them for solutions and suggestions to curb Delhi’s pollution. He made a commitment to start working on these suggestions immediately.


Over 15,000 responses came in within 24 hours. People took time out to list down detailed measures of what should be done by the Government and promised to take steps to personally contribute towards reducing pollution.

And it worked.

We took all the suggestions to the Delhi Government. They have acknowledged the suggestions and started working on most of them right away.



Not only this, the Delhi Government has committed to developing a long-term planthat will get to the root of pollution. They want to involve citizens like you to help develop the plan. The answers will come from you.

This a big moment for Delhi’s citizens and the users of Your voice matters. Together you can help solve the problems that your city is facing.

We look forward to facilitating this process and bringing to you more positive developments.

Thank you for being a part of this change!


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November 23, 2016 6:05 am